Um..hello? Oh HAI! :)

Welcome to my site! I’m brand new to this so it’s gonna be bumpy, ugly and messy. But hey, that’s how I roll anyway, so I reckon we’re good.

I’m a multi-instrument musician, songwriter, poet and writer from Atlanta, Georgia. I began writing at an early age, but after composing my first song at age 13, I shifted to writing mostly poetry and lyrics for his hundreds of songs. In my late teens I learned the art of music production in the recording studio and that resulted in a lifetime obsession with recording and music production. I’ve formed several bands in my 20’s and 30’s and performed extensively in the Atlanta area for many years. Now my focus is completely on writing music and novels, and recording in my home studio.

It was my passion for music inspired me to write me first novel, The Stars of Everywhere, completed in 2019. The prequel to it, Falling to the Stars, is for sale in both Kindle and paperback on Amazon. The sequel to The Stars of Everywhere, Silence of the Stars, was released in 2021.

My fourth novel, Lemon Drops for Poppy, a dramatic sci-fi/adventure/romance set in the post WW3 year of 2046 was released in October of 2021.

The songs that I include in my novels are actual songs that I wrote and recorded and most of them can be enjoyed on Spotify, iTunes, Amazon Music and many other music streaming services.

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